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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

DONE "IN SECRET"...the great phenomenon...

You've heard the phrase, "What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas"; right?  This famous phrase or "promise" lures people to that city with the false sense of security that no matter what they go there and do, it won't be found out; that it will "stay in Vegas".  Well, many people have found out this isn't the case; that Vegas didn't deliver on its promise, and what was done there eventually came out or was found out.  The same reality exists in the thought that "What is done IN SECRET will stay IN SECRET".  Much like what happens with things done in Vegas, things done "In Secret" eventually are found out, come to light and are no longer, a secret. 

Today, people in significant influential positions, such as Congressmen, Athletic Coaches and Directors, Presidential Candidates, Business Leaders and Athletes are being removed from position and influence at an alarming rate.  These are people whose intentions were good, who were created like you and me, to have impact and influence, to make the lives of others better.  People who were once seen as credible, moral leaders, people that others wanted to model themselves after or model themselves after who they stood for, are overnight, removed.  The platforms of influence they once had are gone.  Positions and titles are gone.  The characteristics people once admired and wanted to replicate are now second guessed and thought to be better left alone.  Sadly, it is things from the past that were done by these people that they thought were "In Secret" and thought would always remain "In Secret" that have come to light that have removed them or taken them out. 

What cripples these people, stops everything about who they are, what and who they stood for and what they did, dead in its tracks, wrecks them personally and professionally?  The thing(s) that CONSISTENTLY do this  are things that were done, acts that were committed by these people that they thought were being done so "In Secret".  In the title of this posting, I used the word "phenomenon" because believing something can be done in and kept in secret is the direct opposite of reality.  The truth is, there is no such thing as "IN SECRET". 

How does someone come to the point of believing that what is done in secret will remain in secret?  Are we deceived?  Do we think we've achieved a certain "status" and that we are now above reproach or above being caught or even if we were caught, because of who we are that people will look past it and forget it?  These are questions worth pondering and also states of mind worth guarding against.  I believe that many of these thought processes are true in situations above and I am convinced it is all influenced by the author of all lies; by the one who wants to see every person ever created be destroyed; that it is all part of a strategic plan of Satan and those in his camp.  Let me explain. 

Two of the primary reasons God created us were to (1) Have an intimate "spiritual relationship" with Him, and (2) for us to share Him , His heart for others and His great love with others; have impact and influence.  To do as Jesus spoke of himself in Matthew 20:28, look to serve others and not to be served. The Bible makes it clear that there are two forces at work in this world, the forces of heaven and the forces of evil.  Ephesians 6:12 tells us that these forces collide and wage their battle not here among the flesh, but in the heavenly realms; "For our struggle [battle] is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of darkness and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms".  Why? God and his forces purposes are clear and the devil will do everything he can to keep us deceived in our thinking and he'll do everything he can to keep us from having a positive influence in other's lives for God.

In the Bible we learn God is All Knowing (Omniscient) and He is Everywhere (Omnipresent).  Proverbs 15:3 tells us the eyes of the Lord are Everywhere (there is no "in secret").  Even when there may be no one around to see occur what we believe is being done 'in secret', God is around and He sees it...and He knows about it! The deceived thinking the devil tries to influence us with is that we can keep an action or behavior from people (a secret) for ever.  After all, there wasn't anyone around to see it; right? As time passes, we become more certain the things we did in secret are going to remain a secret and kept that way by the cover of darkness.  We forget that God is light and in Him there is no darkness (1 John 1:5).

God has a way bringing things once done in darkness to be exposed by the light; His light.  At that point, there is no hiding, no denying- people have no option but to confess and own up to the things they did in the past, the things they thought were done in secret.  A person gains revelation that a lie was being believed and are confronted with the reality there is no such thing as "in secret".  Sadly, it's too late at that point.  There is no going back, no redo's no going back and living that moment again.

This same reality exists in sports.  You can't go back and replay a possession, a down or a point. There is no hiding things in secret in sports.  If you don't put the effort into lifting and training, it will be exposed.  If an athlete uses performance enhancing drugs (in secret) they eventually test positive or someone will make light of it- they are eventually caught and exposed.  As it is in sports, so it is in life...there is a consequence for the actions and behaviors we thought were being done in secret.

We all have a God designed purpose and destiny to fulfill.  May we all live with the conviction and awareness that God is everywhere and He knows it all- there are no secrets and there is no such thing as something being done in secret.  Let us guard against being proud and be sure not to look down on our fellow man for his/her mistakes of the past.

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